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Psychic Sophia Elise is a 5-star Love, Relationship, Soulmate and Twin Flame Expert, Psychic Life Coach and Transformational Psychic. For over 25-years psychic Sophia Elise has guided thousands from around the world to identify and remove the blockages and obstacles keeping them stuck and preventing them from achieving their greatest potential in life, love, and career. Sophia Elise can help you see the blockages in your life so you can can blast past what is holding you back from living the life you want to live. Sophia will not enable you, to keep you stuck in a situation which is no longer serving you, or your higher self. She will help to you to see the reality of your situation and give you the guidance and encouragement you need to work through it.

Questions always arise when two people share their time, their love and their lives, especially when it comes to soulmate relationships. Psychic Sophia Elise will help you identify your current romantic relationship to determine if it is a soulmate relationship or if your true soulmate partner is yet to come.  She can tell you if your soulmate relationship is ending and give you guidance on how to heal to prepare for your next relationship. She will give you the steps to take to keep your relationship on track to make sure your relationship fulfills your expectations so you can create and maintain the relationship you desire and deserve.


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Sophia Elise
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Psychic Sophia Elise is Clairvoyant (clear seeing), Clairsentient (clear feeling), Claircognizant (clear knowing) as well as Empathic. She uses intuition and the Tarot as a tool to higher consciousness which allows her to quickly channel into your energy to provide details and a general timeline for the unfolding of future events.  Soulmate Psychic Sophia Elise will always give you the truth concerning your situation even though that may not be what you want to hear.

Some typical questions you may ask:

  • Will I ever meet my soulmate? Am I destined to be alone forever?
    I keep dreaming about my twin flame, even though we are broken up, what does this mean?
  • Is my current romantic partner my soulmate?
  • I am afraid my soulmate will breakup with me, is there anything I can do to prevent  the breakup? How can I keep the relationship strong and moving in the right direction?
    I am in an on again, off again relationship with my soulmate twin flame romantic partner? How can I get him to break the cycle and be consistent with me?
  • All of my romantic relationships have been failures, am I doing anything wrong?
    I met my soulmate but we are both already married, is there a future for us?
    Why is my soulmate afraid of really connecting with me so our relationship can grow? Will he ever get it together?
  • What are my life lessons for this twin flame or soulmate relationship?
  • I believe I am ready for my twin flame relationship. I have been waiting for years to meet him (or her). Is there anything I am doing to prevent me from meeting my twin flame?
  • My twin flame ended our relationship, will we get back together? Is this a temporary ending or is it permanent? Will we be reunitied?
  • My soulmate has stopped communicating with me, what is going on?
  • I am currently with my twin flame  will we move forward to commitment or marriage?


Why wait? Together you will find the best path for your own personal happiness on your journey through life and find the steps to make it so. Sophia will not just tell you what is going to happen, she help you move through it so you can get to the other side. The answers she provides may not be what you want to hear, but rather what you need to hear to put you in the direction necessary for spiritual growth. She will always be truthful with you, and even when the news is not as you had hoped, you can find the light at the end of the tunnel together. Sophia is here to guide you along the path but remember your personal choices can change the ultimate outcome.

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The Mind, Body and Soul Connection

When out body, mind and soul are not in sync, our lives are thrown off balance. Without the balance of body, mind and soul we can feel unhappy, depressed, anxious. We will feel that something is always missing. When one are of our lives is experiencing trauma, all other areas suffer. We must make sure out body, mind and soul are in perfect symmetry or we cannot truly enjoy the things which are going right for us. The stress of your career can affect your body with health issues as well as your relationship with loved ones. When one area of our life suffers, the other areas will quickly get out of focus. Our psychic readings will help you create the perfect balance for you body, mind and soul.



Psychic Readings by Phone
There was a time when you needed to search for a psychic in your home town and get psychic readings in person. Now, thanks to the internet, you no longer need to leave the privacy of your own home. You can get psychic readings by phone with the click of a button. You can call for psychic readings whenever you need one. If you are seeking guidance with your twin flames, soulmates, relationships, love, or romantic partner, our psychics are just a phone call away. You can get psychic readings to help find what career would suit you best, and if there is a promotion in your future at your current place of employment. Psychic readings by phone allow you to move away from your computer, and place your call no matter where you are when you need one. One you have registered with the psychic sites, you no longer need the computer to place your call, it can all be done over the phone. Click4advisor and Ether are the services we use to provide psychic readings by phone in the most convenient way possible for clients. Many people are afraid and nervous the first time they speak with a psychic and have avoided getting psychic readings. Calling and getting psychic readings by phone helps to minimize shyness and fear and helps clients to feel more comfortable during their reading. Psychic readings by phone are easy, convenient, private and accurate.




Twin Flames, Soulmates, Relationships, Romance and Love

A popular reason for clients to seek out psychic readings is to get information concerning the one they love and their relationships. Psychic readings can inform a client if the person they believe is their twin flame or soulmate really is, or if they are not. A psychic reading can help the client to see deep into psychic of the one they love and gain valuable knowledge of their thoughts, feelings, and intentions. A psychic reading with one of our expert psychic readers can inform you of the potential of your current relationship. Our psychic readings will give it to you straight, with compassion, and not fill your head with fairytales that will not come true. Psychic readings allow the psychic reader to reveal what, if anything, your current love interest feels for you. Psychic readings will tell you if your relationship is at a dead end, and what you can do to change it. Psychic readings will help you create change with your twin flame or soulmate relationships rather than waiting for change to occur on it's own. Our psychic readings can tell you, through the use of clairvoyance, clairaudience, tarot cards, and other gifts and tools if there is a new relationship coming up for you in the future. Psychic readings can help you deal with a soulmate or twin flame connection, and inform you if you are just connected to someone who is toxic for you. Psychic readings can tell you the potential of your current or new relationship, and see if there is any chance for the relationship to be long term. Psychic readings can tell a client what is going on with an ex from a past relationship. Getting psychic readings can help a client either move on from a past relationship with an ex, or hold on because their ex will make their way back to them. Our psychic readings will tell you if it will be different this time with your ex, or if you should expect the same problems and issues that you had in the past. Psychic readings can offer clients what nothing else can: the truth, guidance and insight into their relationships, soulmates, twin flames, and the one they love.



Tarot Card Readings with Psychic Tarot Readers
Tarot card readings are one of the most popular types of psychic readings you can get. Clients often choose tarot card readings because of the details they provide. Tarot card readings have been sought out by celebrities, royalty, and throughout history because of the valuable information clients have received from them. Tarot card readings are not always done by psychic readers. Anyone can learn how to use tarot cards and some people become better skilled with the tarot cards than others. Our tarot card readings are done in conjunction with the other gifts our psychics possess. There are so many different kinds of tarot cards and tarot spreads. The choice of tarot cards and tarot spreads both depend on the reader and the client. If the questions you need answered during your tarot card reading focus mainly on twin flames, soulmates and relationships, your tarot card spread would be different than someone asking for tarot readings regarding finances. During the 1700's the tarot was used to predict the future and upcoming events. The Tarot was originally created to provide a meditation medium to facilitate connection to the inner realms. Tarot card readings do not only provide information about the future, but also focus on the past and present and how that affects the future.





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